Who is Charlie Lock?

Charlie was Julie’s maternal grandfather ­ William Charles Lock (1900-­1962). During his lifetime, Charlie suffered through two world wars. In spite of his circumstances, he remained a strong, dignified and determined man. Charlie, unfortunately, passed away shortly before Julie’s birth but her grandmother kept his spirit alive and Julie accredits her fierce determination to Charlie’s genes.

Our Professional Skincare System™ is whole­heartedly dedicated to Charlie’s memory.


Charlie was born into a very difficult period of history, at the turn of the last century. As with all of his contemporaries, two terrible world wars blighted his existence and Charlie never truly had the opportunities in life that he deserved. Nevertheless, Charlie persevered and sought to improve life for himself and his beloved wife and family in any way he could.

Charlie suffered horrendous health problems as a result of his service in the Second World War but at no point did he give up. He was a self-educated man with steely determination. Although Julie was not able to know him personally, her grandmother would often recount wonderful stories about Charlie and their lives together.

Julie is the first to admit that she has never been tested in the same way as Charlie but is certain that they share a strong bond of determination. Our Professional Skincare System™ is dedicated to this great man and Julie’s dearest grandfather, who simply didn’t get the chances he should have had in his lifetime. Instead, Charlie’s name and memory live on to be known today.

Thanks for everything Charlie XX