Pouch, moisture lotion

We truly feel that packaging the Charlie Locks Professional Skincare System™ into our bespoke pouches showcases the future of the beauty industry.

Here is why:

  • Pouches comprise significantly less packaging than inflexible containers, in some cases reducing the material used by up to 95%. This is better
    for our environment: it decreases the number of transport vehicles on the road; and it reduces the amount of waste produced by empty bottles and jars.
  • Pouches are lighter so only carry the weight of the product rather than the container as well. This is particularly beneficial for our mobile therapists.
  • Our bespoke pouches are extremely durable. Unlike inflexible containers, they will not shatter or crack if dropped on to a hard surface.
  • We firmly believe that the value of our Charlie Locks Professional Skincare System™ lies in the products themselves and not just in their containers.
  • It’s about what is in it, not what it’s in.