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Mandarin essential oil (Citrus Reticulata to give it's botanical name) energises and brings joy to the senses whilst stimulating the circulation.

There is a wide misconception about this sensational oil that it is best used on oily skin concerns and in body washes and creams. This really undervalues the many benefits of this fantastically versatile oil.

Mandarin essential oil in aromatherapy is considered a ‘moving oil’ which basically means energetically it is very good at removing sluggishness and blockages. Hence we use it in our Gentle Peeling Cream; it helps refine the pores, stimulates blood flow and when combined with our wonderful peeling formula efficiently removes dead skin. It also has healing properties which make it perfect in the treatment of acne scarring and also in the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy. You will also find mandarin oil in our Cleansing Balm , Balancing Facial Oil, and Smoothing Serum.

A little known fact and another reason why we use it in our ever popular Smoothing Serum is mandarin oil has great toning and lifting properties - so plays a hugely significant part in our #Artofpositiveageing programme.

This beautiful oil is non-toxic non- sensitising non-phototoxic non-irritant. The lack of toxicity means it can be be safely used on children and has been found to have a soothing and calming effect on restless children. In adults it can be beneficial in the treatment of insomnia - perhaps before you reach for the lavender remedy give mandarin oil a try instead.


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