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Toning or as we like to call here at Charlie Locks Spritzing is probably one of the most common questions we are asked. We are passionate spritzers at Charlie Locks HQ and our hope is by the end of this blog you will be too.

So why do it? It’s a simple matter of chemistry. After using a cleansing product (regardless if it’s a natural or organic) the pH of your skin is altered. This is because cleansing products make your skin more alkaline. Healthy skin should have a pH around 5.5. The health of your skin and body is directly linked to maintaining the correct pH balance. If your skin becomes to alkaline it may become sensitised and dry. New studies suggest that some eczemas are linked to the skin/body being too alkaline.

So what is pH? In layman's terms it’s simply the acid/alkaline balance. The science explanation is the p stands for potential and H for hydrogen and refers to the negative log of hydrogen ion concentration in a water based solution.

So once you’ve cleansed in order to restore your skin's pH simply spritz until you drip…..But I hear you say ‘toners are horrible things that make my skin sting, itch’ - insert your reason for not liking them here.

The secret to toning in the first instance is to dilute your spritz with water see Charlie says link below. Pour half into a clean bottle and reserve and dilute the half you will be using with filtered or bottled water. Shake well then spritz till you drip. Wipe over your face with a clean damp muslin or cotton pad making sure you get into the nooks and crannies, blot dry and there you have beautifully balanced calm hydrated skin. 



Julie xx

    Charlie says  http://bit.ly/2hDJwjx


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