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Now really is the time to power up your Autumn Beauty Ritual.... As we bring out our coats, gloves and boots etc; you need to start employing all those super active skin hydrating mega products in your Charlie Locks Skincare library.

To help you do this is a new 6 week intensive programme I have devised with the help of several  wonderful clients who diligently carried out the plan and were delighted with the results. This is time challenging (about 20 mins per night for 6 weeks); but really worth the effort for the many benefits to your skin and well being. If this isn't for you then please apply your Smoothing Serum or Oils at night for the next 6-12 weeks for a treatment boost.

For the intensive 6 week maintenance programme you will need:

Please see tags at the bottom of the blog for suggested products. Choose the flavour of product you are most drawn too.

P.M. Method for 6 weeks:

Night 1 : Cleanse and tone thoroughly. Apply gentle peeling cream to face and neck. Remove and emulsify thoroughly with warm water to give a 3rd deep cleanse. Apply a 5-10p size of your chosen mask and massage into the face and neck on top of your serum or oil. If you are using both masks apply soothe and smooth to the T-Zone and then layer boost and glow over that mask as well including the whole face and neck. If you are layering you will only need 5p size of each mask. In addition prior to applying the masks layer a little eye gel around your eyes and your mouth to give a boost to your delicate eye area and upper lip.Leave it on all night.

Charlie Says : If you have a mature skin and finding your pores are noticeable apply boost and glow mask first then soothe and smooth over the top of the T-Zone.

Night 2 : As for Night 1 except if you are using the  Soothe and Smooth mask focus on T-Zone only.

Night 3:  As for Night 1.

Night 4 : Rest skin no peel no masks etc.

Night 5 : Repeat Night 1 *

Night 6 : Repeat Night 2 *

Night 7 : Repeat Night 3 *

A.M. Method for 6 weeks:

Wash face with warm water using a muslin cloth or soft flannel. Cleanse and tone thoroughly. Add water to your cleansing product if you prefer a cleansing wash in the mornings. Apply eye gel ,serum and moisturiser. I suggest you eat your breakfast whilst this absorbs into your skin. Alternatively leave 5-10 mins before applying make up.

*Additional Info: A sachet of mask should last you 1 x week if kept in the fridge. Choose one of the nights to suit your schedule to apply the mask fully and leave on for 10 minutes. I would suggest doing this on Night 5 or 6. Do not leave it on but at your own discretion choose whether to let the skin rest with no additional product or apply serum/oil.

I'm starting now in readiness for all the festivities in December!


Julie xx


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