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This is the wonderful Camelina oil plant (Camelina Sativa) it grows well in cold clients which is why we source it from our growers in the UK.

It is a wonderful antioxidant due to it's very high vitamin E content and is an outstanding emollient. If eaten it boosts the immune system because of it's rich omega composition and is said to relieve the pain of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. 

We use it in our body creams for it's mild aroma and how it glides over the skin. In oil form it creates a wonderful medium for massage and can be best described as hugging essential oils rather than smothering them . When applied directly to your skin you benefit from its ample vitamin E and fatty acids which not only improves smoothness but protects the skin from free radicals and improves skin tone.


Love Julie xx

 Camelina oil found in Charlie Locks Body Creams.


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