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Immortelle (Helichrysum) is one of my most favourite oils. I have used it in many blends over the last forty years as it is a catalyst that works so effectively with many essential oils.

It gently calms and clears the skin and it’s preserving properties are legendary. It was commonly known as the 'Immortal One' during ancient times as it was seen to restore and maintain youthful luster to the skin. It also has excellent healing properties and has a long standing spiritual connection. It is thought to enhance creativity and to strengthen motivation.

Here at Charlie Locks we use it for a number of the latter reasons. Our main motivation is Immortelle's powerful healing and soothing qualities alongside its ability to maintain moisture. It can be used to treat so many skin concerns from acne, rosacea, hypersensitivity and dullness to mention just a few.

You will find it in our Soothing facial Oil, Smoothing Serum , Moisture Complex, Moisture and Cleansing Lotions plus our popular Boost and Glow Mask.

To discover the benefits of this stunning oil why not treat yourself to our Rose and Immortelle Starter/Travel kit?


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