• Current Trends For Natural and Organic Products From Charlie Locks HQ

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    The challenge for the natural and organic professional skincare company is not only to create a high end treatment and retail product; but one where the modern client can achieve a visible result. We need to create naturalceuticals and organiceuticals products that deliver like their pharmaceutical brothers and sisters without the nasties.

    We are seeing a huge demand for skin food products that mimic nutritional values found in food groups such as anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals - Glowing skin is achieved from both within and without and we are seeing a greater public awareness and acceptance of this.

    Here  at Charlie Locks we face two sets of challenges - We have to satisfy the discerning demands of both our professional stockists and our retail customers whilst harnessing the power of natural and organic ingredients and preservatives. The joy for us is the the headway made in green cosmetic science which enables us to do just that.

    These developments in technology have enabled us to formulate our Gentle Peeling Cream which is our professional treatment exfoliation without grains or micro beads. This gentle giant goes on like a super hydrating moisture cream (thanks to the wonderful combination of olive, and rice bran oils). We use  Lemon and Mandarin essential oils to gently 'unglue'  the dead skin cells whilst the natural clays and hyaluronic acid combine to give it the exfoliation capabilities of some of it's more heavy weight chemical brothers.

    Other developments can be found in our Our Soothing and Balancing facial oils- not only do they deliver a fantastic user appeal but because of dry oil technology they supply superb hydration without being greasy or tacky. Couple this with our nutrient rich carrier and essential oils the blend is greatly enhanced and loses none of it's potency.  

    The world of natural and organic ingredients is constantly evolving and we as a company look forward to being part of this innovation both in our ingredients and packaging.


    Love Julie xx


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