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Hello - It's Alison from Body Focus,

I'm a home based therapist in Basingstoke. I am delighted to be in the spotlight to share my experience with my fellow professionals on why I became a Charlie Locks Professional Stockist.

I have to confess I was instantly drawn towards the hot pink and different packaging that Charlie locks offered. I remember thinking it looked eye-catching, fresh and professional. Having briefly chatted with Julie at Olympia I recall feeling excited that I’d finally found a genuinely natural professional product that I wanted to work with. I can honestly say that I did not feel concerned that Charlie Locks was a new brand to the professional market as I wanted to offer something different to my clients. I also loved the fact that the products are not labeled for a particular skin type; as we all know skin can change depending on different factors such as environment, hormones, and general health.

Training and support was and still is excellent. As I was local to Charlie Locks HQ I decided to accept the offer of one to one training with Julie. This gave me an opportunity to ask questions, learn about the products and see the production. With free online training material and training support files, it means I can instantly access information and the images are perfect to use to promote the products in my salon, website, and social media.The support is always ongoing if you wish to use it. 


Now for the really important part- my clients! They leave my home salon feeling very happy with the treatments and products used. The feedback has been extremely positive which has led to me to establish a retail income to my business as clients purchase their products from me to use at home on a regular basis. 

I use the products in my facial treatments and I always feel proud of the end results. As for my clients, they see improvements instantly and even more so if they continue to use the products at home. I’m hooked myself Charlie Locks have become part of my home routine ( the smoothing serum is a personal favourite) which is a good way to show clients the benefits of using them long term.

For my business, Charlie Locks has been a perfect addition and I cannot imagine I would use anything else in the future. So from one professional to another, I would say: Do not be afraid to try something different and if you choose Charlie Locks then you won't be disappointed. The ingredients are both excellent and beneficial and ..... As Charlie Says: 'It's not what it's in ...It's what's in it'



Alison xx


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