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"Someone once told me (or maybe I heard it in a movie?!) that they didn't believe in fate because it takes away the control you have over your own destiny. In the most part, I would admit to being a control junkie but in a world where our diets, our exercise, our spending and even on occasion our opinions are controlled, sometimes I think 'What the heck? This feels right so I'm going with my gut!'...Choosing to work with Charlie Locks was one of these moments.
It took me longer than I'd have liked to realise what I wanted from my professional life - But hey, better late than never and it was worth the wait! Skincare has interested me since...well, since forever, but it wasn't until early 2017 that I decided to commit to myself and leave behind my more corporate career path. I always knew that I wanted Ko Skin Clinic to use and promote natural products but I didn't want to end up being owned and micromanaged by my supplier. I love the education that surrounds my profession so it was crucial that I worked with people who understood that and wouldn't dilute my enthusiasm with numbers and pressure.
I have been fortunate enough to speak with both Julie and Mark on the phone, by email and also face to face when I went to visit them at Charlie Locks HQ. Not only is it based in a beautiful secluded spot (big tick!) but the welcome and support I was given from the moment I arrived to the time I left was beyond reproach. I am in love with the Charlie Locks Skincare products that now consume by bathroom and involuntarily get spoken about everyday. My clients have nothing but positive words to say about their skin post treatment and are on board with the idea that using natural products might take more commitment but that the results will be worth it.
When you find yourself smiling as you get out of bed in the morning because the people you work with, learn from and share a passion are so wonderful, it would be wrong not to give fate the credit! 
Thank you Julie, Mark and Charlie Locks x         


        Alice is our Charlie Locks Stockist in Buckinghamshire: www.koskinclinic.co.uk  

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