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 So we've razzled and dazzled at Christmas and New Year now let's be frank our skin currently resembles Whistler's Mother...


Fear not here's an easy fix to get you and your beauty ritual (re)started:

Firstly: Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!  You can do this so easily by drinking water even if it's in a soothing cup of tea. Tea contains tannin and theanine which are calming. Caffeine is drawn out of the tea within the first 2 mins of having boiling water poured over it. During the next few minutes tannin and theanine are released from the tea leaves. After about five minutes this cancels out the effects of the caffeine and will make a more relaxing, hydrating and calming cup of tea. 

Next up is to fill your hand basin with warm water and wring out a soft flannel or muslin cloth and place over your face and neck. Alternatively you can do this in the shower. Take about 5-10p size of Neroli Cleanser (neroli is rejuvenating and super hydrating) and warm in the palms of your hands.Starting at your neck massage thoroughly into skin right to the top of your head until product goes sticky. Remove thoroughly with warm cloth until product removed. Repeat twice.

Generously spritz with Neroli and Orange Blossom tonic spritz or Rosewater and wipe over skin with either cotton wool or the cloth making sure all cleansing lotion residue is removed. Experiment with the tonic by adding equal amounts of water to the bottle just while your skin is adapting to the product  to see if your skin is happy. Pat skin dry.

Apply Smoothing Eye Gel (generously) around your eye area including the brows and round your lips. The eyes will benefit from the soothing aloe vera and the camellia is quickly absorbed by the skin to reduce pigmentation. Over which you massage a small amount of  Boost and Glow Mask as if you were applying moisturiserThe hyaluronic acid in both these products will stimulate your collagen and improve hydration; whilst the rose in the mask will boost luminosity, calm redness, and given its antibacterial properties will minimise breakouts. Apply Neroli Moisture Cream  or Lotion to face and neck on top of mask wait 5 mins then apply your foundation. Not only will you have the ultimate make up base but one that will hide a multitude of Christmas sins!


Love Julie xx





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