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Good cleansing is an essential basic of your skincare ritual. It's fundamental importance cannot be ignored. Think of it as skin hygiene!
Insufficient cleansing impacts significantly on the skins aging process. Skin needs to be cleansed thoroughly in order to remove the toxins that accumulate during the day and night.
"It takes too long" I hear you say..."I've got children to sort out, dogs to walk blah! blah!" I'm guessing you take showers? What's to stop you taking your cleansing products into the shower with you?
Of the many positive things about Charlie Locks pouches shower friendly is near the top of the list. Whilst showering pour a 10p size of cleanser into the palm of your hand and emulsify.
Then cover the area from the top of your decolletage (see graphic) to the tip of your forehead and massage in until product becomes tacky. Remove with clean muslin or terry cloth repeat twice.
   Spritz liberally with toner (to return skin to correct ph) and wipe over your face. Mission accomplished. Time taken 5 minutes maximum!

Love Julie xx


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