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Here are Charlie's 8 Top Tips For Healthy Hands Whilst Constantly Washing

  1. Washing hands in warm rather than hot helps keep your hands from getting dry.
  2. Lukewarm water is best with plenty of soap if possible with a high glycerin content as its moisturising.
  3. Don't wash aggressively because you're rushing, be gentle so as not to aggravate the skin.
  4. Avoid anything abrasive so don't use DIY scrubs made with salt you want to protect the skin barrier- think of it like a brick wall - it's the barrier showing you your hands are inflamed, chapped etc.
  5. Blot hands with paper towels rather than dry as drying can keep abrasions from forming. If using terry towels make sure each family member has their own.
  6. Apply moisturiser when water isn't sealed into your skin it acts like a magnet so will attract water from the deepest layers which then evaporates into the dry air making skin even drier and tighter. To prevent this apply a light layer of cream or ointment. Not lotions which tend to have higher water contents and won't block water from escaping from your skin. This will provide a protective film.
  7. Look for products with high glycerin, urea, sorbitol or honey content these are known as humectants.
  8. If hands are particularly sore and chapped apply cream or ointment and wear gloves at night to ensure the moisture gets in and allow your hands to heal whilst you're sleeping. Cotton gloves preferably but rubber gloves will do - just remember to wrap your hands in a plastic bag or food preparation film to protect the inside. 

Suggestions from your grocery shelf

Any cooking oil such as sunflower, rapeseed, vegetable or olive can be used as a night treatment or a rich facial moisturiser cream will work too if you have no hand cream.


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